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12:00a Revive our Hearts (DeMoss-Wolgemuth)
12:30a Renewing your Mind (Sproul)
1:00a Through the Bible (Feldick)
1:30a Thru the Bible (McGee)
2:00a Fellowship in the Word (Gebhardt)
2:30a Leading the Way (Youssef)
3:00a Back to the Bible
3:30a Grace to You (MacArthur)
4:00a Family Talk (Dobson)
4:30a Calvary Connection (Munro)
4:45a Trailblazer (Pendarvis)
5:00a Living on the Edge (Ingram)
5:30a Journey to Wholeness (Langston)
5:45a Key Life (Brown)
6:00A Love Worth Finding (Rogers)
6:30a Focus on the Family (Daly)
7:00a Insight for Living (Swindoll)
7:30a Calvary Connection (Munro)
7:45a Discover the Word (DeHaan)
8:00a Back to the Bible
8:27a Bringing Every Thought Captive (Land)
8:29a Ignite-Revival Outside the Walls (McGuiar)
8:30a Fellowship in the Word (Gebhardt)
8:56a Life Issues (Mattes)
9:00a Revive our Hearts (DeMoss-Wolgemuth)
9:29a Museum of the Bible
9:30a TBA
9:45a Voice of Sovereign Grace (Agnew)
10:02a Renewing your Mind (Sproul)
10:30a Thru the Bible (McGee)
10:56a Break Point
11:00a Family Talk (Dobson)
11:30a Insight for Living (Swindoll)


12:00p Leading the Way (Youssef)
12:25p Grace to You (MacArthur)
1:00p Key Life (Brown)
1:15p Journey to Wholeness (Langston)
1:28p My Family Talk (Dobson commentary)
1:30p Family Healing Chiro (Suprenant)
1:45p Trail Blazer (Pendarvis)
2:00p Jay Sekulow Live!
3:00p Through the Bible with Les Feldick
3:30p Fellowship in the Word (Gebhardt)
3:58p Bible Q & A (MacArthur)
4:02p Joni & Friends (Tada)
4:06p In Touch Ministries (Stanley)
4:30p Calvary Connection (Munro)
4:45p Voice of Sovereign Grace (Agnew)
5:05p Key Life (Brown)
5:15p Discover the Word (DeHaan)
5:30p Love Worth Finding (Rogers)
5:55p Bringing Every Thought Captive (Land)
5:57p Ignite - Revival Outside the Walls (McGuiar)
6:00p The Bible Answer Man (Hanegraaff)
7:00p Grace to You (MacArthur)
7:28p Legal Alert (Gibbs)
7:30p Thru the Bible (McGee)
8:00p Insight for Living (Swindoll)
8:30p Focus on the Family (Daly)
9:00p Janet Mefferd Today
10:00p In Touch Ministries (Stanley)
10:30p Calvary Connection (Munro)
10:45p Discover the word (DeHaan)
11:00p Back to the Bible
11:27p A Word With You (Hutchcraft)
11:30p Family Talk (Dobson)
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