Tom Gentry, General Manager

Tom Gentry has spent most of his working life at WHVN. He and wife Brenda, along with sons Tom and Eddy, moved to Charlotte in March of 1973 when Tom assumed the position as WHVN General Manager … a position he still holds today. He currently oversees three radio stations, interacting with local, regional and national program producers as well as retail business advertisers. He has served, or currently serves on boards of such local organizations as Charlotte’s Pregnancy Resource Center, Glad Tidings, The Charlotte Philharmonic Orchestra and The Charlotte Rescue Mission … which was co-founded by Dr. Billy Graham’s father. Tom and Brenda are longtime members of Charlotte’s Calvary Church, where Tom served as Elder many years.

Brant Hart, Operations

Brant Hart is a longtime employee. He joined the staff in 1973! Brant is “Operations Person” for WHVN INC. He handles public affairs programming, produces live programs, records commercials and PSA announcements … generally making sure everything is ready when it’s supposed to be. Brant has duties with four of our other radio stations. Brant is a UNC-Chapel Hill grad. He and wife Sandy have a daughter who also graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill. As of October 2015, Brant is a proud grandfather of little “Gemma,” who likes to call him ‘Poppy’ (aka: Papi)!

Sandra Hendricks, Administrative Assistant

“Good morning … Carolina Radio Group”. The pleasant voice you hear when calling “Heaven Radio”, WHVN belongs to Administrative Assistant, Sandra Hendricks. She’s greeted WHVN callers since September, 2006. Sandra prayed for a suitable “ministry job” close to her home and God answered her prayer. On the personal side, Sandra is married to Charlotte native Jackson Hendricks, whom Sandra truly considers to be her “teammate in the Lord”. Sandra has one adult daughter, Melissa, who resides in Lincolnton, N.C. She enjoys church, reading the Bible, “organizing”, walking, encouraging others and creating cards/sentiments and poetry. Thanks to Sandra’s thoughtfulness … and a talent for preparing creative cards, WHVN staff members receive the royal treatment as birthdays roll around. Sandra is a valued WHVN team member.

Tim Timmons, Engineer

Tim began working for WHVN in April of 2018! We’re blessed to have Tim on board! His professional ‘LinkedIn’ description says it best: he has “… diverse experience in the telecommunications, broadcast radio, management consulting & financial services… A proven leader and change agent with extensive expertise in network and operations planning, new technology and product integration strategy...” We might add also that he’s highly organized and prioritized! Tim has a wonderful wife of 42 years, Phyl; two sons, two grandchildren, and a new addition to the family: “Sir Bentley” (a miniature poodle)! Tim is a valuable engineer in keeping Heaven Radio on the air!

Terry Setzer, Board Operator

Terry began working for GHB Broadcasting in August of 2008; and with a multitude of talents as a Board Operator, he’s been able to continue with us even through the ups and downs of economic changes in the broadcasting industry! His radio name was “Oliver Quinn”! We appreciate Terry for his loyalty and availability in voicing and board operating all these years!
Darlene Conder, Board Operator

Darlene walked into our radio station ‘providentially’ in September of 2007 asking if we had any work! We ‘just happened’ to have an opening for a Board Operator; and with her Gaston College credits in ‘radio/TV broadcasting & announcing’, …well, it was a perfect fit! Darlene’s been one of our most loyal and dependable employees!
Chris Preslar, Board Operator

Chris Preslar joined our team after completing his studies at the Carolina School of Broadcasting, in October of 1999! In spite of the ebb & flow of our changing economy, & having undergone many cuts during the ‘recession’ of 2008, Chris has proved his loyalty to radio broadcasting! He landed a job on Hank Hanegraaff’s staff for The Bible Answer Man broadcast; and indirectly stayed connected to us – working for one of our own clients! Chris has circled back and was again on staff at WCGC-1270 (Sister station of WHVN until Oct. 2018)! His knowledge and experience with WCGC continues to keep him alongside the new format! Besides working in radio (his first love!) Chris enjoys karaoke, trips to the beach, time with family & friends and the legendary “Elvis Pressley”!
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